Meet The Scaled Composites Team

  • Oct 20, 2015 4:13am GMT

I love working the Los Angeles County Air Show because it's presented in the heart of America's Aerospace Universe. Edwards Air Force Base, Palmdale home of the Skunk Works and other manufacturers as well as NASA's Armstrong Flight Test facility, and of course the Mojave Space Port. The industry always presents aircraft and interesting exhibits. I particularly like the wildly different stuff the folks from Scaled Composites bring every year. From the Starship to the Stratolaunch everything they're making is pushing the envelope and innovative.

Founded in 1982 by Burt Rutan, located in Mojave, California (about 80 miles north of Los Angeles), Scaled Composites has broad experience in air vehicle design, specialty composite structure design, fabrication, developmental flight tests, space vehicles, tooling and manufacturing.

The employees at Scaled come from a diverse background of talents, experience, and interests. This unique combination of individuals helps promote an innovative and creative atmosphere. Scaled offers the opportunity to pursue career and personal interests in a manner that can be found nowhere else by following one simple rule: have fun.

The passionate innovators at Scaled Composites underscore how Northrop Grumman is transforming what it means to be an aerospace company in the new Northrop Grumman video below.