E Aircraft Wins Best Of What's New Award

  • Nov 13, 2014 7:10am GMT

Popular Science Magazine has declared Airbus Group's E-Fan Training Aircraft their Best of What’s New Award winner in the aerospace category for 2014. This is the second major recognition for the aircraft. This summer it received the Personal Aircraft Design Academy (PADA) award and trophy at AirVenture Oshkosh given by the Comparative Aircraft Flight Efficiency (CAFE) Foundation.

Jean Botti, Airbus Group cheif technical officer said, “It is an enormous privilege for us to receive this award from Popular Science for the Best of What’s New Award. The E-Fan is a significant step concerning our vision for the future of flight and we are committed to advance electric and hybrid propulsion technology. The E-Fan is a key milestone in Airbus Group’s long-term E-aircraft research roadmap.”

The electric E-Fan training aircraft from Airbus Group is an experimental demonstrator based on an all-composite construction offering low noise and 0 emissions. Airbus Group are aiming to construct a series version of the E-Fan and a production facility close to Bordeaux Airport in France.

Watch one of its 60 flights so far in the Airbus Group video below.