Andy Chiavetta and Crew Set Records!

  • Apr 19, 2015 10:07pm GMT

Big congratulations to Andy Chiavetta this weekend! Together with Elliot Seguin, Lynn Farnsworth and Sweet Super Legacy, the team broke 2 speed records and 2 Time to climb records over the last week in Mojave CA. Their Legacy broke the 3,000 meter time to climb record in under 2 min. (That's 4,900 ft per min climb to 9800 feet!!) The more challenging record was the 3K closed course. The Super Legacy did it at 390 MPH. The records are currently being verified by the FAI. It was a trying week in Mojave. Keeping the Turbos in check, the Mojave wind at bay, and their own nerves calm, their Super Legacy rocketed on. Last weekend I had the opportunity to see Elliot, Andy, and the Legacy gel into a team that was going to be fast. With Elliot playing the "Mad Scientist" in the cockpit, they were able to get the speed out of the Super Legacy they needed to smash the records. Andy Chiavetta IS the hardest working guy in aviation that I know. His passion for aviation is fueled by making airplanes SCREAM!... If you want to be fast Andy is your guy! Well done team CHIA!

Mojave Flyin

Elliot Seguin

Andy Chiavetta

FLy safe guys, nice work!!