Test Pilot Documentary Release Date Announced

  • Nov 7, 2014 5:05am GMT

With the crash of Space Ship 2 that resulted in the death of Scaled Composites’ co-pilot Michael Alsbury and injuries to pilot Peter Siebold, we have again been reminded of the dangerous work test pilots do. Bob Hoover is a legend in the business and a documentary about his extraordinary life, The Bob Hoover Project Flying The Feathered Edge now has a release date. November 17th it will be available on DVD and BluRay directly off the project's website. The documentary has already won both the 2014 Grand Prize “Soldiers and Sacrifice Award” at the Rhode Island International Film Festival, and a special “Audience Award” at the Breckenridge Film Festival. It reveals the risks of test flying and the brave work these pilots do before any aircraft design is completed.


Bob Hoover was interviewed by the Los Angeles Times for a story about Scaled Composite Test Pilot Peter Siebold and the odds he defied to survive the crash of Space Ship 2.

Award-winning director Kim Furst talks about creating the documentary in another video here.