Built On Honor

  • Apr 2, 2015 5:31am GMT

Hartzell made propellers for the Wright Brothers and today they make about 80 props a week in Piqua, Ohio. Watch Executive Vice President J.J. Frigge show you around their facility and tell you more about the passion that goes into the product. No surprise that Hartzell is the propeller technical partner of the Red Bull Air Race World Championship series again this year. Their three-blade structural composite propeller known as “The Claw,” carbon fiber composite spinners, and lightweight governors are provided to each race team. Hartzell also supplies complete propeller technical support and maintenance services. Air show star Sean D. Tucker coined the Claw name for Hartzell’s reliable high performance aerobatic prop. Tucker says, “The Claw performs exceptionally well due to its high thrust and low gyroscopic forces and inertia. Since I practice nearly everyday its reliability and proven performance has contributed greatly to my flying performances and skills.”