2013 NIFA SAFECON Regional III Competition

  • Oct 14, 2013 3:52pm GMT

With judges in the tower, near the runway, on the taxiways, and in the local neighborhood, each pressure input into every control surface is under the microscope. This is the NIFA Regional III SAFECON competition, hosted by Western Michigan University's College of Aviation in Battle Creek, MI (KBTL). The Regional III Competition is taking place starting today, Monday, October 14th, until Friday, October 18th, where five top Midwest collegiate flight programs compete to take home the top prize back to their respective college.

Each university is represented by their flight team to compete in the competition which consists of various ground and flight events outlined below. Last year during the 2012 Regional III SAFECON, Ohio State University took home the first place title, followed by Kent State and Western Michigan in second and third places respectively.

"Learning how to space with these different aircraft is difficult, today is what that is all about." -Ben Hastings, NIFA Volunteer

It is crucial for these teams' flying competitors to be situationally aware with this new environment, from the most up to date altimeter setting to the change of wind and velocity, it all comes into play when scoring. Any move against regulations will be deducted from the teams overall score for each aspect of the competition by the judges in and off the field observing.

"Picking up points in the pattern, you won't even place." -Ben Hastings, NIFA Volunteer

From the moment each competitor closes the door on their aircraft, they are under all watch by the judges. Each flight competitor has spent hour after hour, flying the pattern at this new airport this past weekend in preparation. In addition to the other various flying events listed below, in either of the four WMU practice areas around the field.

"It's always a great time to watch these young kids try to hit a line the size of the two lengths of duct tape." -Ben Hastings, NIFA Volunteer

During the spot landing competition, in order to execute a safe and well scored landing, each competitor must land while gliding to the point. Placing the two main gear as close to the line as possible, any touchdown before the line will result in a penalty; whereas any point beyond that before the 200 foot marker will result in point reduction. For more information on the NIFA power-off landing event, see the following link.

Flying Events:

  • Power Off Landing
  • Short Field Approach and Landing
  • Navigation
  • Message Drop
  • IFR Precision Flight
  • IFR Simulated Flight

Ground Events:

  • Computer (E6B) Accuracy
  • Ground Trainer
  • Aircraft Preflight Inspection
  • Aircraft Recognition
  • SCAN (Simulated Comprehensive Aircraft Navigation)