Skywriter Pays Tribute To Prince

  • Apr 24, 2016 8:23am GMT

Postive Sky paid tribute to Prince this weekend at Jazz Fest New Orleans. The company run by Frank Scurlock is based out of Flightline First at Lakefront airport. The plane used was Sky Dancer piloted by Nate Hammond. Hammond is a protégé of skywriter Suzanne Asbury-Oliver.

Positive Sky says, "Our goal is to spread joy, hope, and love with positive skywriting. We want people to look up and see a mirror in the sky reminding us of all the beauty that surrounds us. Using words like Coexist, Love, Hope, Peace, and Harmony written amongst the clouds invites all of us to stop, think, and wonder."

They began with a four day flight over New Orleans during Jazz fest last year. The positive skywriting messages reached thousands of people who expressed an overwhelmingly happy response to the positive messages.

The skywriters have also flown over Dallas for the 4th of July weekend, and again in New Orleans for Mardi Gras this year.

New Orleans native Frank Scurlock is the man behind the idea. His goal is to raise money for two more tours. The first will be in the Southeast and fly over Jacksonville, Atlanta, Nashville, and Memphis. Next, he hopes to organize a northern flight over New York, Washington and Baltimore. He says, "Ultimately, we want to be first responders and hope providers for the places and people who need us most. Skywriting has such an impact is because the sky messages are HUGE! Letters are 3/4 mile tall and typical message is 4 to 8 miles long!"

Each letter costs about $100 to "write" and to date all of their flights have been funded by private contributors.

Find out more at this link: Positive Sky