The Grumman Greenhouse?

  • Feb 28, 2016 5:13am GMT

Grumman Greenhouse is a sculpture by Philadelphia artist Jordan Griska installed in 2011 for the newly constructed Lenfest Plaza.

Griska obtained the shell of the Grumman S2F plane on ebay and had it shipped to his Philadelphia workshop where he fixed the damaged parts, adding fresh metal to some of the top and the landing gear door. Then he began to damage the plane again, crumpling parts of it to appear as though it had crashed into the ground. In addition, he turned the existing sections of the plane into working greenhouses, leading to the name of the piece - Grumman Greenhouse.

Originally US Navy 152337 Grumman S-2G cn224C, the aircraft was owned by Jett Racing And Sales Inc., and turbo prop engines were added by Marsh Aviation for use by the USDA Forest Service as a fire fighter before becoming this impressive piece of street art.

(see photos below)

“These repurposed finished pieces simultaneously lead the viewer to contemplate the history of ‘the thing’ while changing the function of the object,” he says. “Halting the actions of this machine by grounding it in Lenfest Plaza will turn this mobile weapon into a stationary iconic object.”

PAFA says the inside of the plane grows nutritive and medicinal plants, provided by the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society and uses the edible growth for City Harvest, which feeds low income families in the region.

“Jordan’s work engages us in social and environmental issues in extraordinary ways,” says PAFA President & CEO David R. Brigham. “I am pleased to see our alumni creating such ambitious and challenging work. Grumman Greenhouse will be a great start to the temporary sculpture program in Lenfest Plaza.”