The Coolest House at Oshkosh

  • Oct 9, 2013 4:10pm GMT

This year we made our yearly pilgrimage to Wisconsin the slow way; in a 1959 Super Cub on amphibious floats. It was probably the best cross country of my life which forced me to completely re-evaluate how much speed really matters. We logged 10.5hrs in the air at 80kts and were wishing it were 20 by the time we got there. After parking at the seaplane base for a night or two, someone pointed out that the rental house was on a canal connecting to Lake Butte des Morts. We couldn't help ourselves, and threaded the airplane in a slow taxi down the narrow canal the next night and docked in the back yard. Pretty sure we had the coolest house in Oshkosh, if only for a night.