Come One, Come All!

  • Sep 19, 2013 11:26am GMT

Update: Well, the open house was really low key from what it sounded like. The Santa Monica Airport still needs your help more than ever. SMO has some great features I wish other airports had here in SoCal. One of its features is its transient aircraft parking. Of the many larger airports that I fly into, the ramp fees are crazy! Santa Monica's new landing fee as of August 1st, 2013 is $5.48 per 1000lbs. This is a small amount to pay to land in a really cool place. If I wanted to land and park at John Wayne or Van Nuys, larger Fixed Base Operators charge on average $50 just for a drop off in a small piston single! Granted, FBO's like Atlantic and Signature offer great service, and for the service I would expect to pay something. However, when no service is needed, it's a bit silly. If you are headed to SMO in anything smaller than a light jet the city's transient parking is located midfield directly across from the tower. Stop in for lunch and enjoy this great piece of aviation history!

The Santa Monica Airport has operated continuously since 1917, originally named Clover Field. The first jets to land at SMO were in the early 60's. Back then the jets were extremely loud and had incredibly high approach speeds. Now days most Jets are so well designed they approach up to 40 knots slower, are 3 to 5 time quieter, and uses less fuel than ever before. A gentleman on the news the other day said it best regarding the people who want the airport to be closed, "The people who live in the 2 million dollar house near the airport just want it to become a 3 million dollar house." I sure wouldn't mind living closer to the airport! Fly Safe! MB.

Original post: This weekend the Santa Monica Airport will open its doors to the public! It's open to the public already, but they are having an open house this Saturday, September 19.

This is a great way to see what the airport has to offer. Whether you're flying in on your Gulfstream or want to cruise down the beach in your Piper Cub, it's a great atmosphere that needs to be shared.

Lately, the Santa Monica Airport has been under the gun for a number of reasons. The city residents feel it's just too noisy and not profitable for the city to operate. Our aviation community needs to rally together to solve these issues and to show the folks in the community what we are doing to reduce the noise.

Gone are the days of seeing how loud your airplane is or how many landings you can do in an hour. For me, it's in and out of the traffic pattern as quietly as I possibly can.

Most of the festivities will be at the airport terminal on the south side of the airport. Parking is free; where else can you find that in LA or Santa Monica?