Pilot walks (or tumbles) away from crash!

  • Apr 28, 2016 5:47am GMT

WKRG-TV (Mobile AL) FOLEY, AL- The FAA says it could take a year to determine the cause of a twin engine Cessna plane crash.

The FAA isn’t officially commenting about the crash, but an investigator tells News 5 they are not ruling out pilot error.

The crash happened Tuesday afternoon on North Hickory Street near the Foley Airport. Pilot Russell Smith escaped the crash with only minor injuries. Three men who saw the plane hit an oak and burst into flames helped pull the shaken Smith to safety.

The men admit they were frightened and hesitant, but knew they had to go into the choking smoke and flames and help the pilot.

The plane wreckage was put on a flatbed and hauled away. The airframe will be shipped to Fort Pierce, Florida. The engine will be analyzed at a facility at Brookley Field in Mobile.