Elephant Poachers Shoot Down and Kill Helicopter Pilot

  • Jan 31, 2016 8:57pm GMT

Tanzania elephant poachers killed a British helicopter pilot as he flew near the remains of an elephant on the Maswa Game Reserve on Friday.

Roger Gower, 37, was flying for the Friedkin Conservation Fund in Tanzania tracking a group of poachers who allegedly killed three elephants when they fired on Gower's helicopter.

Charity founder Dan Friedkin told the BBC the organization had lost "a dear friend".

In the U.S., Friedkin is also widely known as a skilled pilot flying air shows with The Horsemen, as well as the USAF Heritage Flight Foundation.

Pratik Patel, of the Friedkin Conservation Fund, said Gower mainly flew staff between camps on the reserve but also flew daily patrols in support of ground staff fighting against the poachers harvesting ivory from the elephants' tusks.

Click here for more on this shocking accident from the BBC or watch the video below.