The Power of Jet Engines: Car vs 747 Engine

  • Nov 15, 2014 9:32am GMT

Cars being demolished by a 747 jet engine!! Throughout the years I have always raised awareness about the dangers around airplanes from props to jets especially driving around the airports on an active tarmac. Well I think nothing is better than showing the power of a jet engine and what kind of thrust they produce. The show Top Gear raised the question, "Can a car survive the thrust of a Boeing 747's engines?" The answer is amazing by watching the video.

In St. Maarten people love to get blown away from jet exhaust and the thrust they produce. However the danger they pose doesn't seem to come across unless you see some thing like this. Cars being blown away shows how serious people can get hurt if they were inside. It is a fun experiment to watch but bare in mind it is not something I recommend to anyone doing. Thanks Top Gear for making a point and explaining how powerful the engines are from a 747 relative to other airplanes as well. For the cars it relates to how strong a car can be if the winds blew a car over. Would the car be stay in tact? For more information about the show check out Top Gear.