NBAA 2015: William Shatner Launches Jetwave

  • Nov 19, 2015 4:59am GMT

Yesterday, William Shatner helped launch Bombardier WAVE, the ultra-high speed Wi-Fi service with worldwide coverage for their Global family of Aircraft. Watch his reaction when he used the system for the first time (video below) on his flight into Las Vegas for NBAA 2015. Shatner.

Now in his 80s Shatner is an avid biz jet user and a pilot. In his spare time, he raises and shows champion American Saddlebred and Quarter horses at his 360-acre farm in Kentucky with his current wife, Elizabeth and he recently took helicopter lessons in a Robinson R22.

Three years ago he told Mark Huber of The Business Jet Traveler, that it all began many years ago. "I was playing at the Poinciana Playhouse in Florida and I had always been fascinated by flying. I had my days empty and the airport was very close to my hotel and that is where I soloed. When I did my [instructional] cross-country flight, I flew from Santa Monica to Miami and back in a [two-seat] Cessna 140. I took aerobatics for a while and then did gliders." Shatner said.

"I’ve also done paramotoring [powered parachutes]: run like hell with 75 pounds on my back, threw myself into the air and at times crashed to the ground. And there was the image again of that little furry guy on the wing [laughs]. But then I would gain speed and fly. On many occasions, I would fly privately for one reason or another. I’ve been flown around the country for years in quite a few different things. I’m taking helicopter lessons. I’m fascinated by helicopters," he added.

(How Shatner first connected with Bombardier, page 2)

Bombardier Business Aircraft is the launch business aircraft manufacturer for Honeywell Aerospace’s JetWave Ka-Band satellite connectivity system. Honeywell’s JetWave hardware exclusively supports Inmarsat’s forthcoming Jet ConneX service which is expected to go live later this year providing business jet passengers with high-speed, in-flight connectivity virtually anywhere in the world. Bombardier plans to offer the technology across their new Global fleet and a retrofit for all Global aircraft currently in service.

(photos below video Bombardier)

“With JetWave securing the backing of a leading business jet manufacturer in Bombardier, we celebrate a major milestone in the evolution of business aircraft connectivity,” said Brian Sill, president, Business and General Aviation, Honeywell Aerospace. “The industry is showing a clear desire for high speed, global, consistent in-flight connectivity and is turning to Honeywell and Inmarsat to deliver it.”

“Our customers want to be online everywhere they go. They will now experience the same level of connectivity in the air that they have come to expect on the ground without a drop in connectivity performance once they leave their homes or offices,” said Eric Martel, president, Bombardier Business Aircraft. “The introduction of this technology allows us to further strengthen the industry-leading cabin experience that we are offering to our customers.”