Bombardier Resumes Test Flights

  • Nov 7, 2014 6:25am GMT

Bombardier released video of the first CSeries flight test vehicle (FTV1) flying yesterday. The flight follows the completion of engine and ground runs as well as the structural repairs to the aircraft needed after an engine-related incident on May 29 at Bombardier’s Mirabel facility.

Robert Dewar, Vice President, CSeries Aircraft Program at Bombardier said, “It was thrilling to see yet another FTV take flight and resume its place in the flight test program. We are making great progress with the CSeries aircraft program accumulating an impressive number of flight hours in a short period of time. In consideration of all the ground and flight testing completed since early September 2014, we remain on track to meeting our schedule for the year.”

This is the third CSeries Test Flight Vehicle to re-join the flight test program. FTV2 and FTV4 resumed flight testing in September while FTV4 is now at the Bombardier facility in Wichita, Kansas with FTV3.

In the second video watch Telemetry Data Operator Adam Macwilliam explain the complete and complexe procedure of telemetry at Bombardier's Flight Test Center in Mirabel.

Video: Bombardier Aerospace