Unrestrained Model Hangs out of R44 Over Los Angeles

  • Nov 19, 2014 9:22pm GMT

There are a few ways to present this story. As a middle-age male, half-naked women always get my attention, especially when there's an aircraft in the shot too. Bonus, right? Then there is the viewpoint from an aviation professional who sees an apparently unrestrained passenger as something that could have gone horribly wrong. Thirdly, as an aviation photographer who is an advocate for the safety of all those involved in a shoot, including harnessing those closest to an open door, this makes me cringe.

Fashion photographer, Van Styles thought it was a good idea to fly 1500 feet over L.A. with model Tianna Gregory hanging out the side seemingly unrestrained.

Now all agree there is nothing illegal so long as she was secure during take-off and landing, but as a pilot would you put yourself in the position of having an unrestrained passenger crawling about your helicopter with doors removed?

What are your thoughts on conducting a shoot in this manner?