UPDATE: Iron Maiden's Ed Force One Engines Repaired!

  • Mar 21, 2016 9:42pm GMT

Iron Maiden's new Ed Force One 747-400 suffered extensive damage on March 12 in Santiago, Chile while on their 2016 Book of Souls Tour. The plane suffered damage to two engines in a ground towing incident involving two tug operators that were taken to the hospital.

Since the incident Iron Maiden is proud to report the engines have been repaired after just 10 days. A Cargolux chartered 747 flew all the way from Europe transporting two 5,000 kg engines costing four million dollars each flew 12,000 km to meet up with Ed Force One.

After the engines arrived an extensive operation ensued. Crews worked in shifts 24 hours a day removing the damaged engines with cranes and heavy equipment. The replacement engines were then lifted up and into a place. Iron Maiden stated, "Once the support pylons had been inspected and x-rayed and damage assessed, both of which passed with flying colours, then the new engines were attached with, as one of the techs said, a “ million” wires."

For more details and a day by day summary of the engine repair including photos visit ED FORCE ONE - ONWARDS AND UPWARDS AGAIN.