Holiday Gifts for that Aviation Enthusiast

  • Dec 7, 2013 5:53pm GMT

Image Courtesy Sierra Hotel Aeronautics

If you’re looking for socks or ties, you won’t find them here. Consider this a wish list for the aviation fan. While everyone is different, most of these will no doubt bring a smile to his or her face instead of that cliche reaction of, “Oh, this is nice…” followed by three inches of dust.

Fine art paintings

One of the more sentimental and historical gifts would be a signed painting by any one of these amazing artists. The best part about a gift such as this, it’s not a trinket that will never get used and the value over time will only grow as will the stories shared. You may have to do a wee bit of homework to find out their favorite plane or storied hero, but there is plenty here to excite!

--Valor Studios

Wooden Aircraft Models

Looking for something to dress up that bookcase or add a little style to the shelves? Squadron Toys offers some of the most detailed models available at a reasonably attractive price. May be a bit tough to get before the holidays, but your aero-nut will happily wait to get his or her hands on one of these!

--Squadron Toys

Trinkets and doodads

When it comes to fun ‘stuff’, Sporty’s and PilotMall have it all. Shop the Sporty’s Wright Brothers catalog or PilotMall online for everything aviation. From vintage propellors to hangar signs, they have you covered.



Similarly, with a name like “Plane Junkie”, there’s gotta be some good stuff.

--Plane Junkie


One of my new favorite outlets for comfortable wares is Sierra Hotel Aeronautics. Not only will that airplane lovin' person receive a comfy, long-lasting piece of apparel, but they will also learn the history behind the heroes that inspired the clothing. An amazing history lesson with each shipment.

--Sierra Hotel Aeronautics


Those who’ve dabbled in aviation long enough are quite familiar with Dave and his crew at MotoArt. Although not much can be had for what’s currently residing in your wallet, they do have some cool toys that are within a few paycheck’s reach. Check out the miscellaneous category for some of the more economical finds, but don’t leave too soon. The site is filled with all types of eye candy!


A slightly different approach to household furniture, the man-cave or even home accents can be found at Phighter Images and SkyArt. Phighter Images SkyArt