World's First Passenger Drone Unveiled

  • Jan 8, 2016 10:26pm GMT

At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2016 the Ehang 184 was unveiled. According to Ehang, a Guangzhou, China-based company, the Ehang 184 is an Autonomous Aerial Vehicle. Its the size of a small car and resembles the same look as a quadcopter which has 8 propellers on 4 arms.

Micheal Zhang with PetaPixel writes, "The 184 Personal Flying Vehicle (PFV) can carry a single person weighing up to 260 pounds and has a top speed of 62 mph, a maximum altitude of 11,000 feet, a range of 10 miles, and a flight time of 23 minutes."

With the use of an app interface on a smartphone or tablet, you can tell the drone to take off, pause, and land with just a few taps. By setting waypoints on a map you can determine where to fly. The price is expected to cost around $200,000 to $300,000.

The Ehang 184 has an uphill battle with the FAA and guidelines since the US government has increased restrictions for the smaller drones. For more on the story visit PetaPixel. Video by RE/code, Abt and Dezeen.