WINGSUIT BASE _ Red Bull Air Race in CHINA

  • Oct 12, 2014 5:38pm GMT

About WWL Grand Prix 2014

The world’s most daring aerial athletes converge in China for the World Wingsuit League’s inaugural Grand Prix downhill sky race which can be imagined as the wingsuit Red Bull air race.

The race is currently being held in Hunan province near the town of Zhangjiajie, in the mountain range that inspired the “Floating Mountains of Pandora” in the blockbuster U.S. film, Avatar. The wingsuit pilots will race down the famed Tianmen Mountain, site of last year’s spectacular Tianmen Mountain Flythrough, which featured Jeb Corliss flying through the mountain’s eyehole-like cave.

The race course is approximately three-quarters of a mile long, with a 2,600-foot vertical drop. The race itself is just like a downhill ski race, except faster – and the racers “get air” every moment they’re on the course. Their “runs” start when they leap into flight from a platform atop a 900-foot cliff at the mountain’s summit, fly around a course marker platform on the ground below, then swoop down the mountain and under the tramway cable finish line before opening their parachutes and landing at the mountain’s foot.

Melissa and I are completing this year. Currently practicing the course.


Qualifying Rounds start tomorrow. To follow the event on LIVE webcam please visit