Wind Games 2016 Prepare To Be Blown Away

  • Jan 24, 2016 7:55am GMT

This weekend the third edition of the Wind Games is taking place at Windoor in Empuriabrava, Spain. These young atheletes are making a name for themselves in the wind tunnel competing in solo and team sequences done at various speeds.

This year the event features the first freestyle competition set to music.(see Video 1 below) It has a completely different rules to FAI freestyle and includes a low speed round. There are five teams from 4 different nations taking part.

Windoor is the premier wind tunnel in Spain, located next to Empuriabrava dropzone. It has a 14 foot tunnel in the center of the facility along with a bar / restaurant and can accommodate a rather large crowd.

Team USA, SDC Core, is made up of Stephanie Strange, Jason Russell, Dusty Hanks, Tim McMaster and Cortney Bedeker. (see them perform in Video 3)

Freesyle soloist Guillaume Boileau from Canada rounds out the North American competitors. Watch him rehearsing at Sky Venture Montreal. where the Canadian championships are held. (see Video 2 below) Guillaume says, "I love to improvise and to avoid repeating the same things in the same order. I often surprise myself as I do something new, thinking: Oh! That's new! Feels great!“ The 26 year old is has been an Instructor and coach at SkyVenture Montreal since 2010.

SkyDive magazine reported from WindGames 2016 that, "He has a showy entrance, and presents a fast, flashy routine, with some original tricks. A split against the wall brings the house down. He is the only one who actually varies the tunnel speed through his routine, so he can show off all his toys, starting at very high speed, lowering a little, then back up to finish with a bang."