WATCH VIDEO: Helicopter Crash In Fiji

  • Dec 24, 2015 10:21am GMT

It's a Christmas miracle where a helicopter crash could have been catastrophic. Bob Carroll, an Australian visitor in Fiji had a close call with a crashing helicopter as he dined with family on Treasure Island. Dining just 50 meters away, Carroll recalls to The Sydney Morning World Herald,"A gust pushed the Eurocopter AS350 into a tree before the craft hit another tree, crashing next to a pool." Bob Carroll too the photos in the story that shows the end result of the crash.

Miraculously all seven on board the helicopter including the pilot survived uninjured. Aaron Toresen and his family along with an Australian couple survived the crash in the chopper. Toresen told The New Zealand Herald,"The pilot commented as we were coming in there were some pretty strong gusts of wind and some of the people here at the resort said they'd noticed a couple of big gusts just as we landed." Toresen describes the impact on landing as intense, as the blades smashed their way through whatever was in their way.

Surprisingly Toresen made a comment that will warm your heart saying, "We feel quite grateful. It's the best Christmas present you can have. Your kids walk out of something like that alive and besides cuts and bruises, pretty well uninjured."

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