Roberta Mancino Flies Through Panama City Skyline

  • Dec 17, 2015 6:29am GMT

Watch GoPro Athlete, Roberta Mancino, split two buildings with style as she wingsuits through Panama City.

Roberta is an Italian skydiver, BASE jumper, wingsuit flyer and international model who regularly trains at the Skyventure XP Paraclete in North Carolina. She has participated in more than 7,000 skydives and won several awards and world records. On five of those jumps her parachute did not open forcing her to use the reserve.

In 2003, she placed first in the Malevski Cup at the Russia Freestyle and the Space Games Freestyle. In 2004, she won first place in the Tunnel Competition in Orlando, Florida. She received both the Italian Record and Euro Record for skydiving in 2005, and won first place in the Tunnel Competition in Perris Valley, California. In 2007, Mancino broke the European Record for Formation Freefly and the World Record for Formation 69-Way Freefly. Also that year, she placed first in the Italian Nationals of Skydiving. In 2009, she took part to a world record 108-way freefly in Chicago and in September 2013 she placed 2nd overall women in the ProBase Worldcup held in Stechelberg, Switzerland.

Regarding freestyle skydiving, Roberta said, "It becomes kind of boring to me because it’s too solitary ... I prefer group activity."

Video by: Noah Bahnson