Eustace Clobbers Baumgartner's Altitude Record

  • Oct 24, 2014 3:32pm GMT

Senior vice president at Google, Alan Eustace, broke Baumgartner's highly touted world altitude breaking record at the age of 57. He went up into the stratosphere in a helium balloon and jumped out at around 135,908 feet (Baumgartner: 127,852 feet). It took Eustace 15 minutes to reach the ground, and on the way he broke Baumgartner's record as he raced to earth at 800 miles an hour.

Eustace told the New York Times that Google was willing to assist him, but he declined out of fear it'd get turned into a marketing stunt. Eustace has a long history as a parachutist and did flips on his way down.

Video can be found here