The newest Red Bull Air Race!

  • Jul 19, 2014 8:33am GMT

The last 4 days has been simply unbelievable. Red Bull just hosted the first ever 4 cross wingsuit race!

Melissa and I were lucky enough to be invited to compete along with the top 52 wingsuit pilots in the world.

Red Bull Aces features a first-ever wingsuit competition format, with four wingsuit flyers racing head-to-head through a four-gate course suspended in the air.We reach speeds of up to 160mph (256kph), passing through the start gate at 2,100m and race each other through the slalom-style course on our descent before deploying our parachutes at approximately 1,000m.

We wore a GPS system that transmitted our flying speed, position, and time taken to complete the course. In addition, we were required to pass on the correct side and altitude of each of the four gates, staggered at thousand-foot intervals from 2,000m to 1,000m. The finish line was positioned immediately after the final gate.

This was the most epic wingsuit competition I have ever been a part of and the most exciting. I can't wait to see what Red Bull will do with it. Hopefully it will become a global circuit like the Red Bull Air Race.

Red Bull link:

Rex Pemberton