Great Flying Games for your new iDevice

  • Dec 25, 2013 11:50am GMT

Chances are, amongst all that wrapping paper, those greeting card envelopes or the heap of ribbons and bows is either a new iPhone, iPad, iPod...or more realistically, some iTunes gift cards. Wondering how to combine those for some aerial excitement? Here are a few flying games that may interest you.

Flight Control for iPhone/iPod: $.99 Flight Control for iPad: $4.99

One of the longest available Apps, this game puts the player in the Air Traffic Controller's seat. Designed with an overhead view of multiple types of airports, your job is to direct air traffic to their respective runways. The challenge becomes increasingly difficult as more and more aircraft fill the skies. Selecting different airports provides the player with different challenges such as shifting winds, variable speed aircraft, airborne obstacles and more. A must have for anyone looking for a logistical aviation challenge.

RC Plane 2: Free (In-App Purchases Available)

If you enjoy the experience of flying remote controlled aircraft, this game is a must! While the free app comes with a limited number of aircraft and flying environments, it quickly becomes very addictive and the urge to add more aircraft types will only add more fun to the game. Each aircraft, be it an aerobatic biplane, fire bomber or the venerable SR-71, has their own unique flying characteristics. Players can land on fixed runways, carriers and even the water, but be careful as the range of your controller will determine how far you can fly. Similar: RC Heli 2: Free (In-App Purchases Available)

Reno Air Racing: Free

Offered by Breitling, official sponsor of the Reno Air Races, this app puts the player on the field rounding pylons in various weather conditions and time of day. Able to choose from a number of different classes, the aircraft subtly resemble those aviators who bring the excitement to Reno each year. The game takes on physics very similar to actual racing with altitude, engine oil temperature and of course skill rounding the pylons as being critical to winning. Although the game isn't completely accurate, it's fun and it's free!

Wings Free Flight Simulator: Free

A very simple flight simulator designed to help the player relax and soar endlessly through various landscapes. Crashing your aircraft will only result in a shattered windscreen and a vibration from your device, but will not end the experience. Continue flying and the aircraft will return to 100% status.