Wild Horses The Film - Stunt Heli Work

  • Apr 15, 2014 6:10pm GMT

Yes, it's a film about the Wild Horses in America but it also has some incredible stunt helicopter work by Rick Shuster. Check out the 60 second trailer! I will post a compilation of the film's greatest heli moments at a later time. Rick's work is astonishing.

Wild Horses tells the story of Mills, an established photographer, who returns to her native Nevada following an urgent call from her grandmother informing her that a band of wild horses close to their hearts, faces government roundup.

Cruelty, courage, love and memory collide as two generations of women bear witness to the brutality common to wild horse roundups in the American West.

The film stars the amazing Mireille Enos, Barbara Tarbuck and special features Brook Shields. It is directed by Stephanie Martin, shot by Robert Richardson, and produced by Jessica Walsh and myself. It is a short 16 minute film made last year out of the American Film Institute Directing Workshop for Women. The feature length version is currently being developed.