Skydiving Tandem With A Baby

  • Mar 29, 2016 11:39am GMT

Last year, Linsday Manning made quite a stir on the internet when she posted a photo of herself skydiving while pregnant.

Manning made plenty of jumps when she was pregnant and the baby was born healthy. After all of the negative comments and critics talking about her she decided to have a little fun at their expense. A year later, the proud mother decided to pose for a photo with her 5-month baby in a harness. With her friends creativity they photoshopped two photos together to make it look as though she jumped with the infant out of an airplane and helicopter.

Along with the shocking fake photo came the tagline "Announcing ‘baby’s first tandem jump’, the photo caused a second round of uproar on the internet with misguided folk again slamming this most ‘irresponsible’ and ‘crazy’ mother" according to SkydiveMag.

Lindsay came clean that it was a joke to all her critics and haters on Facebook. The prank stirred the pot once again and it also educated some of the general public about skydiving.

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