Large Buzz for a Small World

  • Mar 29, 2014 7:41am GMT

I have found that miniature planes can fly high and speak volume. Via Facebook, YouTube and other social media, I have discovered Miniatur Wunderland. Located in Hamburg, Germany, Miniatur Wunderland houses the world's LARGEST model railway. In May of 2011 it showcased it’s miniature airport- fully equipped with interactive planes, baggage handlers, and airport taxis; a MUST see for any aviation enthusiast.

The airport is named Knuffingen International Airport and is modeled after Hamburg’s International Airport. From start to finish the construction of this miniature airport took over 6 years! Beginning in June 2005, the development phase was underway and it wasn't until 2008 where the detailed plans were finalized. From your Cessna 172 to the colossal Airbus A380, this exhibit holds 40 different aircraft, and they’re not just sitting on display.

Far from just a “model,” each plane is either taxing to its individual gate, being pushed back from a gate by a push back tug, accelerating for take off or coming in for a landing. Miniatur Wunderland’s goal with all of their projects is to create a surreal realistic world and that being said they didn't leave out the lights and sounds. Each aircraft is equipped with realistic lights, and turbine sounds.

Below is a YouTube video that’s just gone viral, by the time you’re finished you won’t believe 5 minutes have gone by! This is definitely on my list of things to check out in person.