Cross Maho Beach off My Bucket List!

  • Dec 16, 2013 3:26pm GMT

For those of you that like to watch airplanes in action up close--and I mean up close--you have to make it down to Maho Beach on the island of St. Martin.

Maho Beach is located in the eastern Caribbean Sea on the southwestern shores of the small island of St. Martin. Or more correctly--Sint Maarten, which is the Dutch side of the island of St. Martin. Get it? Yeah, neither do I. In any case, Maho Beach has become famous with aviation enthusiasts because of its extreme close proximity to the island's international airport runway. How extreme? Immediately next to the beach is a narrow two-lane road, the airport fence, and the runway. You can't get much closer than that!

On the east end of this small beach is a place called Sunset Bar & Grill. There you can find a drink, some food, and a list of the day's arriving flights. I was on the island for a family trip, and although we didn't spend a lot of time at Maho Beach we were still lucky enough to see a few planes land and takeoff. It was a fun experience even for the non-aviation geeks with the only casualties being some spilled beer, a smooth sand-blasted complexion, and a salt water damaged cell phone (sorry Eva).