Otto Leaves The Nest

  • Nov 24, 2015 5:17am GMT

OTTO the helicopter has filed a Trans Atlantic flight plan. The award winning North American air show act, directed toward kids, has been purchased by Brenden O'Brien of Brenden O'Brien's Flying Circus in the United Kingdom. Otto's current owners, Roger and Pauline Buis broke the news in a Press Release yesterday.

(photos below videos) Cover Photo Credit: Ken Mist

During the Sanicole Airshow in Belgium this year, (see video of his Piper Cub Pyro act at Sanicole below) Brenden told me of his plans to bring the helicopter across the pond. The deal is now done and kids on the European air show circuit will be introduced to Otto in the 2016 season.


SKYRANCH – After 25 years working devotedly as a staple in the Airshow community and a member of ICAS, the OTTO Pilot Roger Buis says, “You’ve got the flight controls,” to Brenden O’Brien of Brenden’s Flying Circus in the United Kingdom.

Roger and Pauline joined ICAS in 2000, and during their time at the controls of OTTO, they toured the world taking OTTO to new heights by adding a patriotic night show, the first US helicopter-glider tow with Bill Barber Award recipient Bob Carlton, and an aerial transfer with Art Scholl and Bill Barber Award recipient John Mohr and Todd Green. With Roger as the pilot, he truly did make those rotors dance as OTTO lit up the skies and entertained airshow fans all over the US, the UAE, Mexico, Canada and Australia. With OTTO, Roger and Pauline are the proud recipients of the Art Scholl Award for showmanship.

OTTO’s previous pilots include Art Scholl Award recipient Craig Hosking and Bob Hosking. Bill Barber Award recipients, OTTO with Bob and Annette Hosking state, “We are proud of the job that Roger and Pauline did with OTTO for the past 15 years.”

Roger and Pauline are excited that the OTTO will continue to perform and entertain at airshows in the UK and around the world as Brenden O’Brien of O’Brien’s Flying Circus takes the flight controls of OTTO, the helicopter with its own personality and legacy.

Brenden is a renowned airshow pilot and commentator and will surely add his own spin to OTTO. “We look forward to seeing OTTO’s rotors continue to dance in the skies. We will surely miss the many airshow fans and producers that we have met over the years. We have had many blessings that have added many chapters to our life story, states Pauline.” Roger is now working for the FAA, and Pauline continues her dedication to teaching English and coaching debate. They look forward to spending more time with their grand angels and checking things off their bucket list. Thank you for the memories!!!!!

VIDEO airshowfansh: 2011 AirPower Over Hampton Roads.

VIDEO fransomatic: Brendan 'O Brien's Flying Circus Piper Cub Display Sanicole 2015