Matt Chapman / RC Dual @ AirVenture 2014

  • Nov 7, 2014 1:23pm GMT

Matt Chapman flew a dual aerobatic formation with a radio-controlled model at AirVenture 2014, Oshkosh. Its something I hope we see more of. Matt flew his high-performance CAP 580 while Frank Noll flew the 43 percent scale Extra 300 radio-controlled model. Matt is a passionate RC modeller and Frank is the founder of Extreme Flight Championships, it was Frank's idea to perform together.

The two pilots are in constant radio communication and maintain a safe distance from each other. The lead pilot communicates like most formation teams during their maneuvers so they’re in sync. The plan is for the model to fly so it looks like it’s right next to Matt.

The second video is by TBOBBORAP1 a father and son team in the UK. It features the Extra Duo G-Force team doing the same thing in Europe. Mike Williams (RC) and Chris Burkett (Full Size) are performing at Headcorn Aerodrome in Kent, UK.

Photo Stills by Frank Knoll.