Freezing Fog Vortices @ Night

  • Mar 5, 2016 11:58am GMT

U.K. plane spotter / videographer Flugsnug has a new camera. While it brings light to the dark he and the aircraft he captures with it, turn the images into art.

Of his latest posts (see below) he says, "This was the one occasion this winter when the fog which affected BHX airport was all three of patchy, shallow and freezing. Temperature and dew point were both -4 degrees centigrade. The effect of the planes' trailing wake vortices on the fog is obviously similar to the effect on clouds, except for the base of solid ground and the beautiful multi-coloured illumination by the runway lighting.

I'm not an expert when it comes to cameras but I can see the incredible results. Technology is rapidly changing and late last year Sony unveiled the a7s ii priced at around $3000.00 (USD). It seems poised to nab the low-light shooting crown. Until recently flugsnug has kept quiet when it comes to his equipment saying on his YouTube channel, "Please don't ask what camera, lens and other kit I use - I prefer not to discuss what I might carry around!" But I'm happy he shared what he used on the two videos below. Beautiful.

Select HD 1080p and enjoy.

Video: flugsnug Camera: Sony a7s ii

Photos: Sony