A Trio Of Great New Airshow DVDs

  • Jan 6, 2016 6:40am GMT

Three new DVDs of some of Europe's best air displays have been released featuring The International Sanicole Airshow in Belgium, last year's Royal International Air Tatoo and a documentary called 'Reunion Of Giants' about the two remaining Lancaster bombers tour of Great Britain in 2014. (trailers for all three below)

Royal Air Tatoo *(Available @ PlanesTV.

The Planes TV in the U.K. have produced a DVD/Blu-ray of The 2015 Royal International Air Tatoo in high definition and with 4K cameras. The 75th anniversary of the Battle of Britain was marked with a large and impressive formation of Spitfires, Hurricanes, a Seafire and a Hispano Buchon. Vulcan XH558’s final appearance is featured in depth with on board cameras for its display and flypast with the RAF Red Arrows. Other highlights include the Kawasaki P1 from the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force and Messerschmitt BF 109G-4, complete with the Daimler Benz engine recorded in clear stereo.

You have the option of two versions of the soundtrack so that you can listen to the commentary or just hear the aircraft sounds. You also get a further 2 hours of special features with arrivals, departures and extended in-cockpit video with pilot commentary from Vulcan XH558, Belgian Air Component F-16 and the Airbus A-400M. There is also seven features taking you behind the scenes with the Air Tattoo’s Flying Display Director and Flying Control Committee and an item on the Tri-national Tornado Training Establishment (TTTE) anniversary tail markings.

The Main Feature (120mins) Full Contents: Displays featuring in cockpit cameras are marked with italics.

Spanish Air Force Patrulla Aguila, Helenic Air Force F-16 Demo Team 'zeus', Raf Typhoon FGR4, Airbus A400M, RAF Hawk T2 Role Demo, TTTE Flypasts, Rolls-Royce Spitfire PRXIX PS853, Ramex Delta Mirage 2000N x2, US Air Force CV-22b Osprey, Swiss Air Force Super Puma & PC-7 Team, Swiss Air Force PC-7 Team, Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force Kawasaki P-1, Royal Netherlands Air Force AH-64D Apache, Slovenian Air Force PC-9M Swift, Czech Air Force Aero L-159 Alca, Battle Of Britain 75th Anniversary Massed Flypast, Messerschmitt Bf 109G-4 D-fwme, Blenheim If L6739, Vulcan XH558, The Red Arrows, Mil Mi-24V Hind, German Army Bolkow Bo105, Royal Jordanian Falcons, Belgian Air Component F-16AM Solo Display, Spitfire & Typhoon Synchro Display, Polish Air Force MiG-29, Army Air Corps Apache x2 Role Demo, RAF Chinook Hc4, Finnish Air Force FA-18C Hornet, French Air Force Patrouille de France.

See more on the Interantional Sanicole Airshow & the documentary Reunion of Giants on Page 2)

International Sanicole Airshow Belgium (available @ International Sanicole Airshow)