6650 Feet Of Earth Shattering Kaboom!

  • Jun 24, 2015 7:55am GMT

The AV8FX team led by April Zalesky, along a core staff of special effects experts set a new Canadian record (6650ft) for a wall of fire this past weekend at the Spectacle Aérien International de Bagotville, Quebec. The world's longest Wall of Fire at 10,173 feet long was set at the Yuma Air Show in Arizona celebrating MCAS Yuma's 50th Anniversary in 2009. (4th video below)

April, (see photos below videos) a native of Vancouver, British Columbia, is the heart and soul of AV8FX. Born into a flying family, she is a licenced pilot as well as an Airshow Pyrotechnics Coordinator and has been involved in the airshow business from an early age. She was drawn into the excitement of airshow pyro and fireworks over 20 years ago and has produced pyrotechnic displays for both large and small shows across Canada and the United States. Among her staff are special effects coordinators for the film industry who have worked on major motion pictures and television shows such as Jumanji, Viper, Red Scorpion, and others. While it is a difficult moment to capture there are surprisingly few quality videos or photographs to share as of this posting. I've included what there is below from both her site and the air show's Facebook page. Congratulations April and the entire AV8FX Team.