Budget Woes Hit Snowbirds

  • Jan 30, 2014 12:23pm GMT

The Royal Canadian Air Force informed all U.S. air shows on Thursday that its military jet team, the Snowbirds, will not be able to support U.S. air shows in 2014 due to budget cutbacks.

It is understood that considerable time, money and effort goes into coordinating an air show and that by the end of January many of you are wanting to set wheels in motion with regard to marketing and overall organization.

Consequently, every effort has been made to get you this notice as soon as possible so that changes can be made accordingly. - Major Trevor Juby, RCAF Special Events Plans | plans des événements spéciaux

In an email to all U.S. shows, Juby went on to say this change while dramatic will allow the Snowbirds to focus on their core mission while still providing support for Canadian shows.

All U.S. shows were told at the International Council of Air Shows convention that the Canadians, much like their U.S. counterparts now also faced significant budget cuts and changes might be made.

It was not clear if the Canadian F/A-18 demo would also be restricted from flying U.S. air shows.