ICAS Indicates Military Participation in Air Shows Should Resume in 2014

  • Sep 11, 2013 2:34pm GMT

ICAS today released a statement via email that they believe, based on evidence they've obtained through talks with senior Navy and Air Force officials, military participation in air shows should resume, at least in some form, in 2014. Their statement reads as follows:

“For better and worse, ICAS has tended to act as a clearinghouse for a variety of air show-related rumors over the years, and never more so than in this difficult season of sequestration. Members with information to share often call here, both to help us benefit from their insight and to see if the information they have received corresponds with other data points at ICAS. In addition, ICAS representatives have made 23 separate visits to Capitol Hill or the Pentagon since early April for the specific purpose of discussing sequestration’s impact on the air show community. There is no single inpidual who can credibly say that they know if, how or when this situation will be resolved, but it is clear that the perspective from ICAS headquarters is more informed than almost any other source on this particular issue.

“And, in mid-September, our perspective is that we seem to be turning a corner. A combination of facts, recent decisions, statements from senior military leadership, and repeating (but unconfirmed) rumors suggest that the military is expecting its two jet teams to return to some form of operational status for the 2014 air show season. There also seem to be indications that the blanket prohibition on military support of air shows will be lifted, potentially making it possible once again for military aircraft to appear on static display at air shows around the country. The outlook on single-ship fighter demonstrations, and open houses and air shows on military bases, is less clear, but news on this front has at least not been bad.

“A final determination on the military’s participation in the 2014 air show season may not be made for several weeks and, when it is, there’s no guarantee what that decision will be; but there is growing circumstantial evidence that – whatever the outcome of discussions on the FY14 budget and sequestration – some form of military participation in air shows during 2014 will be restored.”

Photo courtesy Blue Angels.