See EAA AirVenture From End-to-End in One Minute

  • Mar 10, 2015 7:03am GMT

Here's a quick view of the AirVenture flightline from end to end on the afternoon of Super Saturday. The video starts at the southern most aircraft in the South 40 camping area and heads north along the main show road. On the way we pass the ultralight farm and vintage parking/camping. We then drive through Airshow Center and take a break at the main display ramp. Next up is homebuilt parking, the north exhibitor displays, and warbirds. After warbirds is the long drive around the parking/camping by runway 9/27, also known as the North 40.

The camera shot one frame every second, and the total distance was just over 5 miles long.

As we enter the North 40 notice that the first half is rather empty and the back half is full. This is due to the fact that they park the North 40 based on arrival time, and many of the early arrivals don't stay the entire week.

Also notice the dark clouds in the distance. That monster storm just barely missed the show grounds, but the microburst that did hit us was enough to knock down tents, topple trash dumpsters, porto-potties (yikes!), and stop the afternoon airshow.