Images From the L.A. County Air Show!

  • Mar 30, 2015 11:15am GMT

Centered within the mecca of new aviation technology, the 2nd Annual L.A. County Air Show was a huge hit with local residents and businesses alike. Reported crowd estimates for the two-day show at the General, William J. Fox Airfield sit at 70,000 spectators on Saturday and 65,000 on Sunday.

One of the most crowded venues at the show was their STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) exhibit. On hand were representatives from Lockheed, Boeing, local science labs, UAV and drone distributors and inventors.

Also present were drone demonstrators, something that was certainly not expected to be seen at an air show! Enclosed in a giant net, drone operators were allowed to fly their quad-copters to the benefit of onlookers who may have been wary about the presence of these devices. Although the FAA prohibits the use of drones near airports, air show director, Dennis Dunbar and his crew managed to find a way to educate the public on the safe use of drones at an aviation venue. Well done!

From the small drones to the enormous B-29, Dunbar also managed to coerce Fifi to conduct a rare flyby on Saturday. Typically, FAA regulations prohibit aircraft from participating while non-essential crew are present. Since the B-29 was conducting rides during her flight, a bit of logistical fudging was needed prior to her arrival. Once again, Dunbar came through by handing the airspace back to the FAA controlled tower so Fifi could conduct a flyby under normal airport operations. Once out of the airspace, the tower relinquished control back to the air boss.

From the Harrier to the Clydesdales, the LA County Air Show had plenty for spectators to see. For more coverage on the air show, check out Ric Peterson's daily video clips...

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