Hurricane Matthew turns Golden Isles hero into a hometown savior

  • Oct 11, 2016 1:15pm GMT

In the days following the storm, John stayed and worked with emergency management officials -- his generators powering up communications and needed equipment to assist in those relief efforts.

In under three weeks, John and his staff will be conducting the fifth annual Wings Over North Georgia Airshow. Walking with John the morning following the hurricane as he busily coordinated the necessary help, you witnessed his strong interest in supporting the Golden Isles community. An interest which outweighed returning to Rome to devote extra time to the upcoming air show.

As Brenda stood upon the gusty flight line watching John work, she gave a nod of approval to her boss.

"It’s easier to return home and focus on the north Georgia show beginning the week of October 24, but John and part of his team stayed," she said. "Brunswick is John's home town and when someone goes home, there are times when you can’t just walk away."

(Charles A. Atkeison is a long time aerospace journalist covering space and aviation, including airshows. His work has been featured on CNN, Sky News London, and 11Alive NBC Atlanta.)