Miramar Airshow Cancelled Due to Ongoing Government Shutdown

  • Oct 3, 2013 9:34am GMT

The Airshow at Miramar Marine Corps Air Station in San Diego this weekend has been cancelled due to the ongoing federal government shutdown, a Marine Corps spokesman said Thursday.

The show, often billed as the most heavily-attended airshow in the nation, was already facing a slimmed-down roster due to sequestration, which prevents all military aircraft from performing at airshows nationwide. The US Navy Blue Angels were scheduled to perform prior to sequestration taking effect in March.

Military officials had insisted that the Miramar Airshow would continue with civilian aircraft and performers despite sequestration, but the show couldn't survive the federal government shutdown, owing to the fact that it was to take place on federal property.

Over 500,000 people have attended the Miramar Airshow in past years.

Photo courtesy United States Marine Corps.