Women Who Dare UPDATED

  • Oct 7, 2014 8:00am GMT

(Oct.15) Skydancers has won 4 awards at the Los Angeles New Wave Internatonal Film Festival, taking first place in the Feature Documentary category as well as Best Directing, Best Concept and Best Cinematography. The films first major public screening will be November 9, 11.30AM at the L.A. Live Regal Stadium Cinema as part of the All Sports LA Film Festival.

"Skydancers", is a new documentary by Fredric Lean who says, “its about women in aerobatics, big dreams, flying airplanes, but more importantly about women who dare!” The film features, Debby Rihn-Harvey, Kathel Boulanger, Aude Lemordant, Melissa Pemberton, Ann Marie Ward, Dagmar Kress, Heike Sauels, Svetlana Kapanina, as well as Mike Heuer, Paul Andronicou, Mika Brageot, Jerome Houdier, and Pierre-Herve Deschamps-Berger. When I asked for a preview to share here he said, “We don't have a trailer and a promo reel at this time. We are focusing on getting SKYDANCERS in the festival market” and was happy to share news adding, “We're proud to announce that SKYDANCERS will be premiering in Los Angeles next month at the ALL SPORTS LA FILM FESTIVAL - the ONLY major film festival in LA dedicated to films about sports -- as part of the OFFICIAL SELECTION 2014.” The actual date should be announced shortly.

Lean became interested in making his film while writing, producing and directing a series about Women in Sports. During his research he noticed aerobatic competition was not very well publicized in the mainstream media. So he set out to make an official documentary about it and the exceptional experience of these female pilots. He told Snap&Roll.com, “I was so inspired by the life of these women pilots after talking to them that I felt compelled to tell a bit of their stories. Aerobatics is actually beyond visual; it's about the emotions you get when you’re up there- above ground, ‘painting the sky’ with your wings.”

He thanks Mike Heuer, President FAI Aerobatics, the French Federation of Aeronautics, Lorrie Penner and Chelsea Stein Engberg of the World Aerobatics Championship for their support. As for the pilots Lean explained to Snap&Roll, “I have been told by some of them they’d had bad experience with filmmakers before. The main reason was because these filmmakers did not understand these pilots are true athletes competing for a world title during a world competition. Like any athlete, they have to have their space for concentration, to keep rehearsing figures, etc...Most of these past filmmakers were “in their face” all the time, asking them to do stuff in front of the camera for their film. But when you are fighting for a world title, you don’t want some guys with a camera in your face or to tell you constantly “could you sit here for a moment so I can film?’ ‘can you do this or that?’, etc... When I started this documentary, I told everyone from the beginning I was going to be very discreet with the camera. They won’t even feel I’ll be around most of the time. I stayed at a ‘safe’ distance. My cameraman and myself basically improvised all time the shots and worked the shots off of what the pilots were doing”.