ICAS Announces First Pinnacle Awards

  • Dec 11, 2014 2:14am GMT

Good ideas and professional execution are the lifeblood of continuous improvement and long-term sustainability in the air show business. From marketing, sponsorship and hospitality to logistics, flight operations and volunteer management, a good idea – well executed -- can be the difference between success and failure, between making money and losing money, between long-term sustainability and a short-term failure. Starting this year, ICAS recognized those kinds of ideas, developments, innovations and improvements with its ICAS Pinnacle Awards program. The awards given today at the ICAS Convention at the Rio Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas are listed below.


Bronze Award ADC Group for its mobile marketing promotional campaign and sponsorship program. By tailoring specific programs to fulfill the marketing objectives of national brands, ADC Group has helped increase revenues for their air show clients by more than 250 percent. To date, ADC Group’s strategies and programs have pumped nearly $5 million into the air show industry.

Silver Award Air Show One for raising the bar on air show sound to concert quality. Air Show One provides sound that immerses the crowd in the show and helps show organizers deliver on their promises to sponsors. In a collaborative effort with announcers, air bosses, sponsorship coordinators, and event organizers, they offer a “sound experience” that engages and excites the audience by raising the clarity of the music and narration to a level that enriches the spectator’s perception of the event.

Gold Award Fort Worth Alliance Air Show and Herb Gillen Advertising for their social media strategy. The show used a wide variety of social media tools that helped to create a promotional buzz about the event. As just one example, Fort Worth Alliance provided fans with the opportunity to socialize with the stars of the show, chatting with them on-line and asking questions of them before and during the show. The social media program was carefully planned and helped to increase awareness and interest in the event during a year that saw near-record crowds at the show.

Platinum Award Jeff Shapiro and Solutions Event Services for a real-time tracking system that allows event organizers to see parking status “live” in all parking areas, giving them a chance to anticipate problems before they happen and make corrections that avoid them entirely. In an industry where traffic continues to be the number one concern of our spectators, this “Planned Flexibility” methodology allows shows to recognize and quickly adjust to parking challenges that might otherwise become traffic problems. The real-time tracking system allows parking staff to see when areas will fill to capacity BEFORE it happens to easily flex inbound spectators to an available area, ensuring a seamless entrance for spectators while also ensuring that those visitors park their vehicles as close to the show as possible.