Kirby Chambliss Injured At Red Bull Air Race UPDATED

  • Feb 14, 2015 5:20am GMT

Team Chambliss posted to their Facebook fan page early in the first round of the Red Bull Air Race in Abu Dhabi that, "Kirby's canopy came off when he was in the hold and warming up, waiting for Peter (Besenyei) to finish in Heat 2. The canopy hit him in the face resulting in a possible broken nose and a few scratches. He is going to be fine!" Scott Houston spokesperson for Red Bull Racing said in an email to me, "In the Round of 14 there was an incident, where American pilot Kirby Chambliss lost his canopy in the holding area north of Lulu Island. The canopy was recovered and caused no damage to third parties. Kirby landed safely at the Race Airport and was immediately checked by the medical staff and suffered minor scratches and bruises on his nose and his left eye." He added, "We are currently investigating the cause."