Reno Update From the CEO - PLUS a new Lexus!

  • Jan 4, 2016 5:43pm GMT

As everyone was getting ready to ring in the new year, there was one last item to attend to out at Stead Airport in Reno. Someone was going to start the year in a brand new Lexus! 1000 race fans had the chance to buy $100 tickets in a raffle for a new Lexus RC350F Sport!

Our good friend Dan McGee was on hand for the drawing, and took a few minutes to talk with Reno CEO, Mike Crowell. How did this year's event fare? What's the impact of Breitling pulling out? What's the outlook for 2016? Check out Dan's Report

Breitling News from December

Thanks to Nevada Racing News/Dan McGee for the report. Nevada Racing News