Goulian 3rd Quickest After First Training Sessions In Vegas

  • Oct 16, 2015 3:31pm GMT

Going into the last event of the Red Bull Air Race 2015 World Championship Mike Goulian said, "Its time to go big!" and if today's training session is any indication he's pulling out all the stops. Only Yoshihide Muroya and Nigel Lamb were quicker and the conditions are again windy this year. The chop has created a negative buzz in most of the pits save for Canadian Pete McLeod. While he finished the day 9th he is taking the blustery weather in stride keeping in mind that he won in similar conditions in Las Vegas last year. Kirby Chambliss was pushing his newly modified racer hard and was heavily penalized accumulating an extra 16 seconds on his times and pushing him almost 7 seconds down the leader board. All the racers would like to finish strong, especially the North Americans racing on their own turf. With one training session remaining tomorrow before Qualifying the timings ended this way.

  1. Nigel Lamb
  2. Yoshihide Muroya
  3. Mike Goulian
  4. Nicolas Ivanoff
  5. Paul Bonhomme
  6. Matt Hall
  7. Martin Sonka
  8. Matthias Dolderer
  9. Pete McLeod
  10. Hannes Arch
  11. Francois Le Vot
  12. Kirby Chambliss
  13. Juan Velarde
  14. Pete Besenyel