For Sale Kirby Chambliss Racer Just $99.99

  • Apr 26, 2016 11:24am GMT

Spark Models has licensed and is selling a die cast 1/43 scale model of Kirby Chambliss' Red Bull Air Race Zivko Edge 540. GP World in Europe, one of the many retailers taking orders for the resin model said, "We have clients that collect Red Bull items but it's difficult to estimate if that will include an airplane. We have in fact really no idea how many will want to buy this but we'll try a few." U.S. retailer Motorsport Collector is selling it for $99.99. The model has been announced for June with no mention of any other Red Bull Air Racers to be included just yet.

Although Spark is known for car models it is trying Kirby's plane and their on-line catalogue features photographs of his Edge 540 with a Red Bull Mini (see photos below). However, the car is sold separately.

Spark Models are based in Europe and producer a large number of racing car models. "Our models are hand painted and assembled. They combine a variety of production processes. These include hand cast resin, diecast zamak and injection moulded thermo plastics along with photo etched parts, die cutting, tampo printing and waterslide decals. We are continually on the lookout for new modelling techniques to try and bring you the most accurate models possible. We have started using 3D scanners to accurately record and help us reproduce historical cars to which we can get access."