Red Bull Air Race 2015 Bonhomme Wins Ascot Again

  • Aug 16, 2015 11:59pm GMT

Britain's Paul Bonhomme was the winner of the Red Bull Air Race World Championship stop at the UK's Ascot Racecourse on Sunday, flying brilliantly under pressure. The victory was his third this season and second straight win at Ascot to the delight of more than 40,000 home fans.

VIDEO 1: Race HIGHlites Ascot

VIDEO 2: HIGHlites & Reaction from Goulian, Chambliss & McLeod + Kirby explains why his new 'winglets' were not used at Ascot

The three North Americans were knocked out in the first round. Finishing 9th Michael Goulian said after the race, "being the fastest loser until the last run in the Round of 14 was really hard to take. I went a little wide in the chicane and that cost me time. We want to find another gear on Race Day. My raceplane is good in the slow speed turns. We were getting the fastest split times after Gates 1, 2 and 3, so I like this track, it suits us. Sometimes you get through and sometimes you don't. I left a little bit but there on the table today and Nicolas flew a great run."

Kirby Chambliss was knocked out by Nigel Lamb and said, "My times were close to Nigel and when I heard a 1:10 I thought I could lighten up on the run. I thought I put in a good time, but it seems like I was on the wrong side of luck. I held the line a little to long and was trying to line up for the straight run to the Finish Gate and I must've got a little high. I should've just concentrated on the Gate in front of me and I would've been in the Round of 8. The lack of training doesn't worry me. I was super comfortable in the track and apart from the first run I was flying penalty free, right up until the Round of 14, which is when it matters." Kirby finished 12th.

Canadian Pete McLeod who finished 13th said, "It was a tough weekend and at Ascot I seem to have a problem with pylons. It just wasn't a good race for me. The land tracks are great, I love flying over land. The angles weren't tough here, but my lines were off. I wasn't racing against Matt in the Round of 14, I was just trying to put down a good time, but after my pylon hit, I'd pretty much handed Matt (Hall) the heat."

What The Others Said

1st Paul Bonhomme "I'd like to say thanks to the team – without the team it wouldn't have been possible. We did a lot of work pre-season and during the season and it seems to be paying off. The team members are the ones that have to do all the hard work, I just have to point the raceplane in the right direction. I thoroughly enjoyed the crowd, it didn't add pressure, but could've caused a distraction. I just had to know where to look so I didn't get distracted. There's so much to do in your head with the flying so you can't allow distractions to get in your way. "

2nd Matt Hall "Second is a good position to be in. I consistently said my game plan was to get to the Final 4 and get to the podium and gather points. It's now time to enjoy the fact that we can get to the Final 4 and time to start targeting the first place. I removed the stop in the Final 4 and took a little bit more risk in the track, and as it turned out I did get that penalty. I'm working on a plan and it seems to be successful for us at the moment. We are a young racing team and we're learning at every race. We're now putting the other teams under pressure and I can target Paul specifically."