Red Bull Air Race Spielberg Qualifying Cancelled

  • Sep 5, 2015 4:12am GMT

Qualifying for the Red Bull Air Race? in Spielberg has been cancelled due to weather. Officials say constant poor weather conditions, including heavy rain and low clouds have forced the Race Committee to cancel the Qualifying round of Red Bull Air Race in Spielberg, Austria. According to the official rules, the start list of the Round of 14 on Sunday will be based on the current World Championship rankings.

"After consultation with our weather experts, we can see there is no possibility of holding a Qualifying round in Spielberg today. We have to balance many factors when deciding whether to run a race session in the prevailing weather conditions and this was just not possible today," said Race Director Steve Jones.

Michael Goulian thinks its going to be a very close race tomorrow saying, "Sunday is a promising day, and with such small split in times, this race will be awesome!!!" Kirby Chambliss didn't have much to say but as you can see in the photos below did manage to stay dry.

Canadian Pete McLeod took it in stride said, "It’s always good to get track time, but it’s aviation and you can’t fly in this weather. It’s unfortunate, I feel for all the people that came out to see some racing."

The schedule for the race on Sunday will continue as planned.