Pilot Killed At Alba Adriatica

  • Jun 1, 2015 6:28am GMT

Amateur footage captures the collision of two planes, part of a 4 ship formation QBRTeam (Quei Bravi Ragazzi 4 RV7/8), performing at the Spiaggia D'argento Air Show this past weekend. The event took place above Tortoreto at Alba Adriatica, on Italy's east coast. Both planes plummeted into the water with one of them breaking into several pieces.

43-year-old pilot Luigi Wilmo Franceschetti managed to crash land and escape with only minor injuries. However, the pilot of the second plane, Marco Ricci, 47, was killed in the collision and his body recovered around a mile off the coast from inside his sunken aircraft. (In the second video you can see the emergency crew reaction time.) The crash occurred just before a Search and Rescue helicopter demonstration and the Frecce Tricolori jet team performance which was subsequently cancelled.

This was the first of 4 performances the team had scheduled for 2015. Since forming in 2009, QBRTeam have flown many displays throughout Italy and Europe. Marco Ricci was the team lead. From Siena he had more than 3.000 hrs from hang-gliders to helicopters, as well as seaplanes. He was flying an RV8. Slot pilot Luigi Wilmo Franceschetti from Brescia has more than 1.000 hrs as Pilot in Command, is a Flight Instructor and Test Pilot for CT SW Experimental Aircraft and was flying a RV7. He is also founder of an airplane enthusiast webmagazine www.vfrmagazine.net.

The other pilots on the team are Dimitri Paolacci, Left Wing from Florence with more than 1.000 hrs as Pilot in Command, ultralight and GA Aircraft; he currently flies an RV-7 and is the president of Mensanello (SI) airfield. Right Wing, Ignazio Igenito is from Milan with more than 2.000 hrs as Pilot in Command, for many year he has been demo pilot for many Italian aircraft dealers (Aerospool, FlyItalia, Impulse, Roko, Bristell, etc...) now he is the Head of training at Baialupo Flying School; and currently flies his RV7 in the formation.

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